The Rose Release Ritual

Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

Book Your Rose Release Session With Me - $160

The Rose Release Ritual is a powerful process that helps you let go of negativity that is connected to situations, beliefs and even the people in your life.

Challenges are designed to have us GROW and ultimately come back to LOVE.

This process helps you release what’s been holding you back, giving you the ability to move forward in life with more confidence, harmony and love. Whether experienced in a group or one on one with me, you will feel the power in a loving, gentle & healing way.

There’s no turning back. You WILL feel the positive shifts and receive the evidence in your life.

What’s included in this sessions -

A guided process by me and the tools you’ll take with you to apply daily.

Each session is set out for each individual and so what you need and how long it takes will depend upon your willingness to heal and let go.

Please note - if you were drawn to working with me, know you’re ready.

I promise, you will love it. Are you ready?

Are you willing to let go of what DOES NOT serve you… Of what holds you back from greater LOVE, HARMONY. WELLBEING & SUCCESS?

Are you ready for more love & harmony and to be ALL you are meant to be?

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