Chiara Sharp

World Renowned Elite Mindset Coach

Founding Member & Master Coach with The Napoleon Hill Institute

Proctor Gallagher Consultant

Founder and CEO of Empire Coaching Pty Ltd.

Chiara is not only a Master Coach she is the Spiritual Advisor for the Napoleon Hill Institute but also the esteemed Director of the Australian Division.
With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years, she has honed her expertise as a Reiki Master, Metaphysician, Teacher of Meditation, and Author.
Throughout her career, Chiara's primary focus has been empowering her clients by imparting the true power of 'thought' and 'word'.
Drawing inspiration from theĀ mentorship of Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill, pioneers in the field of Self Development, she has incorporated their valuable materials into her work.
Today, her unwavering mission remains the same - to awaken the Magnificence and Truth within others.
At the Napoleon Hill Institute, Chiara has found her true home, where she continues to inspire and uplift individuals on their journey towards personal growth and success.

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