The 21 Day Guide To High Vibrational Living.

This demonstrates the ways in which to live a joyful life on a daily basis. Have you noticed that some days flow amazingly well and others, well....You wish you'd stayed in bed!

The difference is dependant upon how we emotionally feel.

This book holds personal stories and the tools and techniques in how to 'FEEL GOOD' everyday. They will have you powerfully maintain your alignment, access your joy and create harmony in your workplace & home. 

You will be delighted in how your state of being positively impacts the state of others.

 Awakening The Awareness Within - Recognise The Signs

This book speaks about Universal guidance and the many ways that 'signs' and the 'answers' to life questions can show up. It includes personal experiences of how the guidance has appeared, be it through sight, sound, dreams and Meditation. The book also shares the importance of BREATH along with various exercises which enable the reader to live more in the 'present'. There are a world of benefits to living this way! It awakens a sensitivity to everything around us as well as accessing more peace and calm on a daily basis. Being 'present' gives us insights to things we don't easily have when caught up in the day to day stresses. This book gives you easy and sure ways to ‘awaken’ to the fact that we are not alone, helps to empower us to living our dreams and reminds us that life is a truly fun and wonderful ride.

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'Signs can show up as words on a billboard, letters on a car registration plate, words heard in a song or in a conversation between others. See and listen.'

Chiara Sharp
Awakening The Awareness Within - Recognise The Signs

"From personal experience and for as long as I can remember, I discovered that we are much MORE than what we are in the physical. We are connected to and guided by the Higher Power, whether that be God energy, Source energy or the Universe.

Chiara Sharp
The 21 Day Guide To High Vibrational Living.

Awakening the Awareness Within gives you the sense of trust that there is a great deal more going on in your life than you can see. It encourages you to open to the support that is all around you. The book will make you consider things you never had before.

Rachel Kennedy - Director of Education 
Conversations with God