Chiara Sharp

World Renowned Mindset Coach. Founder & CEO of Empire Coaching Pty Ltd. Founding Member, Master Coach, Spiritual Advisor of The Napoleon Hill Institute, & Director of the Australian Division.


Though born in Australia, Chiara feels at home wherever she is and considers New York her home as well, where she resided between 2015 - 2020.

She has over 30 years of experience in the Holistic Health Industry having worked as a Reiki Master, Energy Healer & Alignment Coach.

Fast forward to now, Chiara is a published Author and an Mindset Coach specialising in Leadership Development. Her level of awareness and understanding of Spirituality has her teachings stand out when it comes to creating Success and Wealth consciousness.

Chiara’s expertise lies in helping others connect with their Calling…why they’re here. This in turn awakens a true joy and awareness of their purpose, thus leading to living happy, healthy, wealthy lives.

As a published Author, Chiara has written several books, two of which are - Awakening The Awareness Within and The 21 Day Guide To High Vibrational Living. The latter is also available as an Online Program.

Chiara attributes her growth to Self Development, something she believes is a vital component to living a great life, and has undertaken many programs over the years such as Landmark Education, Tony Robbins Seminars, and Abraham Hicks, just to name a few.

Today she is a product of these teachings and has created various online programs - Live Life By Your Design- The You Formula and - The 21 Day Guide To High Vibrational Living (based on her book).

In 2019 she became a Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Having been mentored by Bob Proctor she has inspired countless others through the Thinking Into Results Program, which comprised of the teachings of Napoleon Hills book,Think & Grow Rich. Whether in their personal lives or the workplace, Chiara’s clients experienced bringing their dreams to life by achieving the results that they truly want. It simply takes ‘Thinking’ them into existence.

Today she is a Founding Member and Master Coach with the Napoleon Hill Institute and continues to bring the powerful materials of Napoleon Hill to clients and Coaches alike. No matter the reason you choose to work with Chiara, rest assured you will access the ways in which to accomplish the results you desire in, all areas of your life.